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What is I AM THE BOSS Event?

I AM THE BOSS is an event that was designed by a mom entrepreneur who wanted to inspire, educated, expand, nurture, the entrepreneurial spirit in women and moms everywhere.  Women, especially moms have so many hats they wear – add owning a business to the mix and the juggling truly begins.  In most cases women are still required to run the household as well as all of the children’s activities while running their business.  Many might also have the responsibility of caring for aged parents as well. Through these challenging times it can be sometimes be difficult to stay positive and keep a handle on what can become emotionally, mentally, and physically overwhelming.

Well guess what, you are not alone. The balance can all be possible.   One of the biggest challenges we as women can have is the ability to ask for help and to receive it when it is offered.   We have the ability to do it all, but we need a healthy support system to make it all work. . 

The I AM THE BOSS Event was designed to provide women with information direct from the women who are doing it!  There are many women who have gone before us creating successful businesses while overcoming so many of these challenges.

In some cases women have amazingly successful businesses but cannot see how they will be able to manage being a mother and still maintaining the level of successes in their business.  

Every year we hand pick a select group of women to tell their story at I AM THE BOSS.  They share not only their successes, but also their challenges and the lessons they learned along the way

Have you ever thought; “if I had the money I could start a business”   or “if I had more business experience then I could start a business”, or “if I did not have small children then I could start my business”, or “if I had more staff then I could start having children”, or “what if I have children will I still be able to successfully build my business?” It’s not about the “ifs” it’s about the “doing.”   What if you stopped worrying about what you did not have and started looking at what you do have?  Do you think then you might be able start your business, take it to the next level, or start your family and manage it all?

Let us show you how it can be done, let us show you what is truly possible for you to live a life you love and love what you do.

I AM THE BOSS attracts strong successful women who want to give back and share how they created their successes, and the challenges they needed to overcome along the way. Often, we only see the 20%, the success people have created, we don’t always get to find out about the other 80%, the challenges and obstacles. The 80% is what teaches how to create our success.

Meet Mandy Gilbert number 25 on the top 100 most influential women and find out how she took $10k and turned it into a $9M business.

Meet Joanna Andros and learn how to create a powerful mind set to live a successful life and build a business that you always wanted.

Meet Maureen Brine and find out how to be a successful entrepreneur and manage your relationships.

They are all here, on one special day, ready to help you in your journey in building your business and life.  Don’t miss this 1-day event and be inspired to do it all!

To Your Success

Carolyn Dickinson

  • 1 May, 2014
  • SuperMomBoss

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