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A Mommy’s Book Series Created for the Love of her Boys – A Must Buy

Can a mom entrepreneur have it all, why not?   Being in love with yourself, being in love with what you do and being in love with being a mom is all possible. 

It’s finding that delicate balance between being a mommypreneur dedicating quality time with her children and having great success. Who says a powerful businesswoman has no time to play, bake or cuddle?

Janet Aizenstros a close person friend of mine and an amazing entrepreneurial mom, she had a story to share about her children for her children and she did so through writing 3 amazing books.  After her oldest son was diagnosed with a mild learning disability and ADD, she decided to create stories that would allow him to become engaged more easily.  Reading become fun and enjoyable. She created stories around the memories of her children to leave a lasting impression, so they can pass on the legacy to future generations.

I started reminiscing about the memories of my children, all the fun things we did together, then I just started typing– and here we are today, 3 books later.  The stories are sweet and simple and geared for children 0-5 year old and learning to read.  It reinforces the story of all the things moms love to do with their little ones.

This series will continue for as long as her and her children evolve together. There so many more Why Mommy Loves stories to come. 

These are stories that Janet created of real life situations with her kids and published them through her publishing company (LOVE + Lifestyle Media Group).  One of her dreams is to help other women and moms create their own story.

Check out the Why Mommy Loves Series on Amazon.

Why Mommy Loves the Rain

Why Mommy Loves the Snow

Why Mommy Loves the Sun

  • 22 Apr, 2014
  • SuperMomBoss

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