Super Moms in Business

You’re a SuperMom.

Working girl, multitasking queen and on-call ouchie kisser. One woman doing it all.

But let’s face it.

Sometimes it isn’t easy being the family lifeline when you’re trying to chase your dreams while juggling a bazillion balls in the air at once.

Most of us…

  • Are still desperately searching for that elusive balance between career and family in the pages of self-help books and parenting magazines.
  • Barely get two seconds to decompress between meeting work deadlines, picking up dirty laundry strewn across the floor and playing chauffeur to our kids.
  • Could use a little help making those tough decisions only other moms can understand (“Am I being selfish if I leave my secure corporate job to follow my passions? Can I have a successful business and still raise a family?”)
  • Secretly feel guilty about wanting to be successful in our own right—and more than just a mom or wife.
  • And oftentimes feel alone and misunderstood, no matter how loving and supportive our families may be.

But what if you could have it all?

Imagine waking up to a life with more joy and freedom than you ever thought possible—being able to work from home, build a successful business, and manage your own time in a way that actually fit your family’s needs and lifestyle.

SuperMom is a marketing, education and engagement initiative that was designed to help you do just that. There’s nothing else like it. And it’s full of the most dynamic, passion-fuelled women you’ll ever meet in your life.

Want to join us?

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SuperMom Entrepreneur is a collaborative community and marketing platform that aims to empower every woman to do business, motherhood and life HER way—with courage, grace and heart.

We believe that when talented women are equipped with an educational toolkit, and given the right networking and mentorship opportunities, they’ll create the confidence they need to build a career—and life—they’re truly passionate about.